Josh Holmstrom and Katie Wallace

Please join us in hosting Josh Holmstrom and Katie Wallace,CMO and Head of Sustainability for New Belgium.

New Belgium prides themselves on their sustainable ingredient sourcing and production methods. Please join us to learn more about what goes into these decisions, and how it plays into their brand identity and marketing.

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Suze Bragg

Please join us in hosting Suze Bragg, in Marketing and Community Relations from Ideal Market / Wholefoods.

During her presentation, centered on their “Truck Farm” initiative, Suze will discuss:
The new faces of Boulder’s obesity problem (right here in the heart of the Boulder Bubble).
Are we complacent: Why being labeled the “fittest town in America” doesn’t mean we’re healthy.
Urban gardening is the new hip movement for kids, but what about their parents?
Education is fun, but does it make a difference?
Gimme Dirt: Why getting your hands dirty repeatedly matters.

Afterwards, we’ll have the chance to jump right in and get our hands dirty – literally – by helping to plant the truck farm. That’s right – it’ll be parked in front of our office for the day! We’ll be helping to create the vehicle for The City of Boulder’s Youth Service Initiative, plus other teen groups, for this Summer’s garden season. See attached for more details on truck farming.

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Dominic Thompson

Please join us in hosting Dominic Thompson, Development Director from The Kitchen Community.

Dominic will talk about the nonprofit arm of the Kitchen’s organization, entitled The Kitchen [Community], and share with us their efforts related to planting “Learning Gardens” at schools nationwide.
Did you know that by simply involving young kids in gardening, we can help prevent childhood obesity and improve their academic test scores?

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Al Baldocchi

A conversation with Al Baldocchi, on the Board of Directors for Chipotle.

Chipotle is revolutionizing the fast food world by placing great importance on the sustainability of their sourcing. They have enforced high standards for the animal farms from which they source their pork, beef, and poultry, and also buy locally and organically as much as possible. They are forging ahead and applying many Food Revolution principles in an industry where few of their peers have made such dramatic changes.

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Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne, a CSU professor of plant breeding and genetics, talks about the scientific side of genetic modification, as well as the pros and cons of the technology. Patrick’s perspective is a commercially unbiased one, and he helps us better understand the big picture of GMOs.

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Cooking From The Farmers’ Market

Cathryn will again be teaming up with Elisabeth Banisch (Al’s culinarily gifted daughter) to bring us fresh and inspired ideas on how to use farmers’ market finds in everyday dishes.

The chefs will determine the menu based on what looks good at Wednesday’s market, so stay tuned for more details!

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Buzzing About Bees – Bryce Clark

Bees are a hot topic these days, and Bryce will lead us through an informative hour covering:

  • Why bees have become so popular – more and more people now have hives in their backyard!
  • The history of bees, what bees really do for us plus some fun facts
  • How to get started (resources, tips)
  • And best of all – a honey tasting!
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“Seed to Seed” Gardening Class

Please join us for the first session of our Food Revolution Summer Series –

“Seed to Seed” will be an introduction to gardening philosophy and practice.
Peter Heppner and Jen Scheid will host this informative session aimed at providing a bit of foundational knowledge for those of interested in greening our thumbs (and maybe even participating in the Food Revolution by growing some of our own food)!

Ever wonder when it’s the best time to plant? Confused about where to plant things, whether in a garden or just a pot on your front porch? Did you know there are certain plants that benefit each other by being planted together? Peter and Jen will answer these and many other questions, along with sharing some amazing stories, so you won’t want to miss it.

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Eric Skokan

Eric is the owner and chef at the Black Cat restaurant, just across the street from our office.  He has a farm-to-table philosophy, and grows the majority of what is served at the restaurant on his private organic farm just outside of Boulder. Eric will chat with us about what it truly means (and if it’s really possible!) to eat locally and seasonally, as well as the ins and outs of the organic and slow food movements. After sharing some of his expertise, he is looking forward to fielding our questions and helping to break down these topics into easily digestible and actionable ideas.

Born in San Diego, California and raised in Virginia, Eric Skokan studied history at the University of Virginia. While moonlighting at the award-winning Silver Thatch Inn in the Virginia Countryside, he quickly realized that he preferred the cookbook to the textbook. After graduation he moved around the country working in some of the best restaurant kitchens, until 2006 when he opened Black Cat Farm To Table Bistro in Boulder. Eric lives in Boulder with his wife Jill and their four children, and enjoys farming, eating and fixing his tractor, Buttercup.

Eric’s Perfect Day in Boulder


A peek into Eric’s kitchen –

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Blake Hurst

Blake is a third generation farmer who lives and farms in Missouri. He is the president of the Missouri Farm Bureau and has written a number of essays defending industrial farming methods and providing counter arguments to the likes of Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food) and the Food Inc crowd. His views truly are eye-opening and very much prove that there are two sides to every story.
Because the voice of the farmer is so seldom heard, we feel it is extremely important to bring Blake in. This time with him will give us a rare and unique view into the other side of the debate, and we hope that as many people as possible will join us for this conversation.

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